Building Process

Building Process

Lot Selection

If required, land acquisition assistance can be provided. We will help you search the communities you desire to obtain that perfect piece of land. A meeting on-site at purchased or prospective land is held to discuss building options to optimize and compliment the space.

Architectural Design

Citiblocks Development Ltd. has a key group of trusted and experienced architects and designers that specialize in design concepts that range from contemporary to traditional. An appropriate design specialist will be suggested based on each client’s personal vision. If you have already had your plans designed, Citiblocks will review your plans with you and offer suggestions where required.

Budget Forecast and Solidification

A detailed budget forecast will be provided prior to initiating the build. Our company will work with you to solidify the investments and to ensure that the build will meet your expectations within your set budget. A transparent building process is maintained throughout the build. You will be provided with a monthly ledger detailing expenditures. Each expense is backed up with the corresponding invoice.

Construction Phase

Site supervisors and project managers work closely with the clients on a day-to-day basis. They are responsible for site safety, scheduling of trades, ordering supplies, and addressing client questions and concerns. Each build requires submission to the City of Vancouver for a development permit which will be provided by your plans designer or architect. We will take it from there.

Project Completion

Upon completion, deficiencies will be addressed in a prompt manor. Customer satisfaction and the security of our customers’ investment is of great importance to our company. The warranty program that Citiblocks offers is a 2-5-10 year builder warranty through WBI Home Warranty. On-going service and support will be provided as needed within these time frames.